Transgender toilet suit sparks school review

The Australian 18 Sept 2013
A THREATENED anti-discrimination lawsuit by a parent of a transgender child has opened the door to Queensland schools introducing unisex toilets, change rooms and sports teams.

State Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek confirmed yesterday that a departmental review would likely lead to new guidelines for school principals to accommodate the “special needs” of gay and transgender children.

The review follows the decision of a state school this year to order a nine-year-old pupil to only use a disabled toilet after the child, who was born male, won the right to be recognised as a girl.

Parents of the child, known as “Emma”, threatened to launch civil action and forced a backflip from the school.

Mr Langbroek ordered the review after the case but stressed yesterday that the new guidelines would apply on a “school-by-school” case and would not lead to mixed facilities being introduced across the school system.