Rich Chinese shopping for surrogate mums in US

NZ Herald 25 Sept 2013
Wealthy Chinese couples are paying up to US$200,000 ($239,850) for American women to become surrogate mothers as they try to circumvent their own country’s one-child policy and obtain United States citizenship for their offspring.

In a reversal of the traditional flow of adopted babies from China to America, surrogacy agencies in the US are reporting a sharp rise in requests from would-be parents in China.

Agencies have appointed Chinese-speaking agents and their clients have included Chinese government officials. There are no official figures on how many Chinese couples are seeking babies through surrogacy in the US, but several agencies report that about half their clients are from China.

By contrast, the number of American couples adopting children from China has fallen as Beijing made procedures for doing so lengthier and more complicated. Surrogacy is illegal in China, but having a baby through a surrogate abroad is not.

In most cases the children born to surrogates will return to China with their parents, but may go to college in the US.