Poll finds Kiwis against legalising cannabis

NZ Herald 10 September 2013
A new poll has found that almost two-thirds of New Zealanders are against legalising cannabis.

The poll, by right-wing blogger David Farrar’s Curia Research, has found that men and young people are much more likely to support legalisation than women and older people, but legalisation failed to win a majority in any group except for the one-sixth of the sample who supported a party other than National or Labour.

The poll of 1000 people taken over the week up to September 4 was carried out for Family First, which strongly opposes legalisation. Family First director Bob McCoskrie said it was sparked by a TV3 episode of The Vote in May, when 72 per cent of viewers who responded by text or email supported decriminalising “soft drugs”.

“Their question simply fed the myth that cannabis is a gentle, harmless substance,” he said.

However, another poll by UMR Research which asked a different question found last month that only 35 per cent of New Zealanders wanted cannabis to stay illegal, 17 per cent wanted it fully legalised and 46 per cent wanted it “decriminalised”.