Race on to overturn transgender bathrooms

WND 22 August 2013  
How many parents would accept this scenario?

Their 16-year-old daughter comes home from public school in tears of  humiliation to tell them that several boys from the football team shared her  locker room while changing for a physical education class that day.

The parents call the school and are told their daughter is correct and the  scenario is perfectly legal.

So the parents call the parents of the football players, who say they weren’t  even aware that their sons had declared to the school that they now identified  as females.

Some parents were so stunned by word that this is not a hormone-infused, teen  boy’s fantasy that they checked online rumor sites, such as Snopes, according to  Karen England of Capitol Resource  Institute.

England’s group is working on a newly launched initiative that will  need the signatures of some 500,000 voters to be on the next statewide  ballot.

The goal is to veto the “extremist” language adopted by majority Democrats in  the state legislature and signed by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown that opens  public school locker rooms to students of either sex.

Apparently, students will only need to tell school officials which gender  they feel like. England affirmed that the law has no provision for certifying  that someone is gender disoriented or gender confused before being given the  rights provided in the new law