4700 school suspensions bring call for a new approach

NZ Herald 1 August 2013
Schools have handed down more than 4,700 suspensions in the past 18 months, with one high school using the punishment more than 100 times.
Since 2012, 692 schools – including primaries – have suspended students, with 280 of those using the measure five times or more, information obtained under the Official Information Act shows.
In 2012/13 there were 4761 suspensions, resulting in 1554 exclusions and 210 expulsions.
Continual disobedience caused 515 exclusions and 50 expulsions, followed by drugs with 283 exclusions and 62 expulsions.
Physical assaults on other students were the third most common reason, with 266 exclusions and 36 expulsions. Assaults on staff accounted for 95 exclusions and 14 expulsions.
Strict schools
4,761 school suspensions since 2012
1,764 students kicked out of school
• 104 suspensions at one school alone
– Source: Ministry of Education, for state and state integrated schools from 01/01/2012 – 26/06/2013