Teachers feel unsafe in own class

NZ Herald 3 July 2013
The morale of teachers is dropping as they struggle under an ever-increasing workload because of NCEA and feel unsafe in their own classrooms, according to a report.

…The Council for Educational Research’s report on the state of our schools also found 22 per cent of all secondary teachers have felt unsafe in their own classrooms and 33 per cent in the school grounds and public areas. The lower the school’s decile, the more unsafe teachers felt and the worse students’ behaviour became.

Half of teachers from decile 1 and 2 schools who responded to the survey said they felt unsafe in their school grounds and buildings at least occasionally, compared with 34 per cent of those in mid-decile schools and 23 per cent in high-decile schools.

These numbers are unchanged from the last survey in 2009.

ACC figures show that last year teachers made 5714 workplace injury claims – of those 280 were struck by a person or animal, 136 were pushed or pulled, and 132 reported being struck by a tool or implement.