Scammer tries to cash credits 25 July 2013
A grocery chain has issued warnings to staff after claims beneficiaries are trying to swap their state-issued food credits for cash.
Mother of four Antillea Karaitiana, 28, says she was approached by a stranger in Pak ‘n Save Mill St last week looking to trade his Work and Income payment card for cash “to go clubbing”.
She said the man, in his late teens or early 20s, showed her a greenish electronic transaction card he said had $80 credit.
He allegedly told her she could have the card for $70 cash, keeping $10 for her trouble.

Family First national director Bob McCoskrie said Work and Income had to be accountable and shut down any loopholes that may exist around payment cards.
There’s an expectation that state assistance should be directed towards the need, whatever it may be.
“I’d be sorry to see kids who miss out on food because the card’s been used for drugs and alcohol or clubbing or whatever the alternative might be.
“There’s always going to be people who try to gain out of the state’s generosity. I think most beneficiaries won’t be doing this so hopefully it’s the exception.”