How Hawking’s illness forced his marriage into a ‘black hole’ of despair: First wife says couple were ‘swept away by a wave of fame and fortune’

DailyMail 29 July 2013
Stephen Hawking’s first wife has revealed how  the world-famous physicist’s illness forced them into their own ‘black hole’ of  despair.
Jane Wilde, who was married to the scientist  for 25 years, says the couple were ‘engulfed and then swept away by a wave of  fame and fortune’.
She added: ‘It got rather too much for me to  cope with. We ceased to be happy as before.’
Speaking in a new film to coincide  with the  release of the award-winning cosmologist’s memoirs, Miss Wilde, the mother of  his three children, describes how there were ‘two faces  to Stephen’.
‘One was the public wunderkind who had overcome motor neurone and was travelling the world. The other was our  home  situation where his illness forced us into our own black hole.’