Grandparent carers forced back to work 25 July 2013
Grandparents who have spent years raising troubled grandchildren are being told to get back to work, sometimes just months from retirement.
Support group Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG) says this month’s welfare shakeup has pushed many carers into looking for work as they fear having their benefit payments cut.
Some grandparents nearing retirement age have been required to attend job-training courses, where they are asked about what school they attended and what their long-term career goals were.
“This is forcing elderly people who are caring for traumatised kids back into work,” GRG chairwoman Diane Vivian said. “It is just appalling.”
Many of the grandparents had given up jobs to care for children who would otherwise have gone into Child, Youth and Family foster care after suffering abuse, neglect or family tragedy, she said.