62,000 kids absent from class

NZ Herald 26 July 2013
Many parents are taking their youngsters out of class in order to take advantage of cheap holidays and flights
Parents who remove their children from classes to take cheap flights and holidays are part of the reason 62,000 Kiwi kids miss school each week.
Principals say rich and poor families are pulling their youngsters from school for travel – although an education expert has defended such trips, saying they can teach as much as school.
Schools say many other excuses for absence from class don’t hold water. But poverty-related reasons for non-attendance, such as babysitting younger siblings while parents work, are harder to address.
Findings from a Ministry of Education survey showed that about 62,000 students were absent from school for all or part of a day during the survey week, and 15,000 were unjustifiably absent.