Sexual advice for teens ‘seriously flawed’ – expert

ONE News 17 June 2013
Resources to advise young people on sexual health in New Zealand are seriously flawed and skip over critical information, a campaign group claims.

Family First has commissioned US psychiatrist Dr Miriam Grossman to review several websites and other resources aimed at advising sexually active young people.

Grossman, who describes herself as a sexual health “activist” on her website, says the resources fail to give thorough information and “students are left misinformed, and with a false sense of security”.

She examined several websites recommended to young people including,,,, and

“While most of these resources claim to promote sexual health, we find, overall, little encouragement of restraint or self-discipline. Instead, students are informed that at any age, sexual freedom is a ‘right’,” Grossman said.

“The information is not accurate, comprehensive, or up-to-date. Sex is seen as risky only when it’s ‘unprotected’. The efficacy of condoms is overstated, in some cases vastly so. The quantitative data about their use is absent.

“Young people are led to believe that sex is easily divorced from emotional attachment. Worst of all, critical life and death information is distorted or ignored,” she added.

Sex report slams Kiwi lessons
NZ Herald 17 June 2013
Family First study claims overall message to young people is intercourse okay as long as you use a condom.