Rights case ruling favours US transgender girl (6)!!

NZ Herald 26 June 2013
US officials say a suburban Colorado Springs school district discriminated against a six-year-old transgender girl by preventing her from using the girls’ bathroom, in what advocates described as the first such ruling in the next frontier in civil rights.

Coy Mathis’s family raised the issue after school officials at Eagleside Elementary in Fountain said the first-grader could use restrooms in either the teachers’ lounge or in the nurse’s office, but not the girls’ bathroom. Coy’s parents feared she would be stigmatised and bullied.

Coy was diagnosed with “gender identity disorder” – a designation the American Psychiatric Association removed last year from its list of mental ailments. The removal reflected the growing medical consensus (yeah right!!!) that identification as another gender cannot be changed.

….The Maine Supreme Court is considering the case of a 15-year-old transgendered girl who was forbidden from using her school’s girls’ bathroom.

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, which focuses on religious and family litigation, said transgender cases are “a mockery of civil rights”. He said his group got involved defending a department store employee who was disciplined for ordering a person who was obviously male to leave the women’s changing room.

“How do you know if someone is really thinking this way or not,” Staver said, adding that Coy is too young to decide on such a different identity. “How do you know if someone just wants to go in the restroom and be a peeping Tom?”

Coy’s parents claim he began to identify as a girl at 18 months. By the time he was 4, his family began dressing in girls’ clothes and referring to him as “she.” During his kindergarten school year, school officials agreed with his parents’ request to treat him as a girl.

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