Prostitutes upset pastor

Manukau Courier 6 June 2013
A minister is losing patience with the street prostitutes using his church’s car park as a destination to take clients. Pastor Stephen Miller of Manukau New Life Church in Manurewa was forced to take a stand one evening when he saw a prostitute and client having sex in the car park at 5pm. “That tested my patience, it really did. I went over and banged on the window and told him: ‘This isn’t the place for that – this is a church. Get lost’.” Mr Miller pointed out at least half a dozen used condoms discarded around the car park when he spoke to the Manukau Courier. “What annoys us is the prostitutes who come and use our car park and then leave their condoms everywhere. We’ve got kids using the car park for sports and activities so volunteers have to come out and clean up the litter before the kids come out.” Mr Miller has worked with prostitutes who have come to services and the church’s soup kitchen over the years and he’s also helped to counsel families affected by prostitution. “We’re here to try to help them and love them and show them a better way to live. “Some of the prostitutes come into our church services and walk in and out about five times during the service, making a scene and disturbing the service. But our church is full of people from different backgrounds anyway so we’re not too fazed by that, to be honest.”

…Mr Miller presented a submission in February in support of the bill now before Parliament seeking more community and police powers to control street prostitution. “We’re here to help these people but there have to be some boundaries in place around prostitution.”