Kiwis getting better at reporting child abuse – PM

ONE News 17 June 2013
The Prime Minister is optimistic that a shocking jump in the number of child abuse cases is because the country is getting better at reporting them.

Information released to ONE News shows rates of child abuse have risen by 32% over the last five years, with some children being abused while in state care.

More than 21,000 children were victims of child abuse last year.

Around 4000 of them were taken from their families and put into Child, Youth and Family care homes. But it was in these supposedly “safe homes” that at least 23 vulnerable children were further abused.

“I suspect the numbers are greater in part because as a country we are getting better at reporting them,” John Key told TV ONE’s Breakfast today.

He also highlighted that most foster parents “do a fantastic job” caring for children.

“Any number [of abuse cases] above zero is unacceptable, but there were about 6000 children who were in Child Youth and Family care … last year of which there were 23 cases of abuse.”