Did IRS Give Confidential Pro-Marriage Info to Gay Rights Group?

CP Politics 4 June 2013
Someone at the Internal Revenue Service gave confidential  National Organization for Marriage tax documents to the Human Rights Campaign,  Dr. John Eastman, NOM’s chairman of the board, testified Tuesday before the House Ways and Means  Committee.

In March 2012, HRC published on its website one of NOM’s tax forms that  contained the names of its donors, explained Eastman, who is also Henry  Salvatori Professor of Law & Community Service at Chapman University School  of Law and chairman of The Claremont Institute’s Center for Constitutional  Jurisprudence. The information was republished on other websites, including The  Huffington Post.

NOM and HRC have been on opposite sides of the debate on whether to redefine  marriage to include same-sex couples. NOM does not publish the names of its  donors, Eastman explained, because doing so would subject them to  harassment.

“Like nearly every other nonprofit organization, NOM does not publicly  disclose its donor information. Indeed, because of the vicious and at times even  violent campaign of intimidation that has been waged against supporters of  traditional marriage – intimidation that the Supreme Court itself has remarked  upon – NOM jealously guards the confidentiality of its donors,” he said.