Restoring power to arrest prostitutes and clients

NZ Herald 29 May 2013
Central government politicians have called a roundtable meeting in Wellington tomorrow to look for ways to control street prostitution in South Auckland.

The meeting, called by Parliament’s local government and environment committee, may lead to amending or abandoning a bill drafted by the former Manukau City Council in 2010 to give what is now the Auckland Council power to ban street sex workers from areas such as Hunters Corner and Manurewa.

Committee chairwoman Nicky Wagner said MPs did not want to change the law unless that would solve the problem.

“Simple legislation is a pretty blunt instrument,” she said.

“This has been in the Parliament for a long time. It has come and gone back and forth with the creation of the Super City. We are very aware that it has taken a long time and we know people are concerned about it.

“But there is no point in us hurrying up with an answer that doesn’t work in the long term.”