Parents told to keep tabs as child sex on rise 22 May 2013
A youth worker says children as young as 11 are having sex in Invercargill, which has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in New Zealand. She wanted to get the message out that children in the city were having sex and many parents did not know it was happening. “I want to stimulate conversation in the community and get people asking, what is happening to my children, where are they?” Southland Boys’ High School rector Ian Baldwin said he had been made aware of “at risk” boys in the city who could not connect with family, so had developed relationships with girls as young as 10 to 12 years old. He knew of vulnerable boys at the school who were seeking solace and comfort in “love” from young girls, which he believed stemmed from a lack of relationships at home. The illegal aspect of teenage sexual relationships did not impact on some boys, whom he believed carried on having sex regardless.