MPs criticise Rankin’s party appointment

Dominion Post 11 May 2013
Opposition MPs say Families Commissioner Christine Rankin’s appointment as Conservative Party boss is a conflict of interest. But Ms Rankin says her time with the commission is almost up. The former Work and Income head said in a Facebook post she had been appointed Conservative Party chief executive. “My admiration for the party and its leader [Colin Craig] has continued to grow over the past year or so,” she said. A replacement for Ms Rankin is expected to be announced soon, interim Chief Families Commissioner Belinda Milnes said yesterday. Ms Rankin’s contract has been been extended month by month since 2011. She started with the commission in 2009.

Labour MP Jacinda Ardern said the appointment as commissioner was always questionable. “It’s been our view for a long time now that the Families Commission is no longer relevant and needs to be wrapped up anyway. I just think [this] shows how irrelevant it’s become.”