CYF admits losing neglected chlidren

3 News 15 May 2013
Child Youth and Family has been forced to admit it didn’t intervene in a case of severe child neglect because it lost the family. CYF won’t say how many times it assessed the seriously malnourished children before sending them back to their parents. This incident however is far from isolated, with thousands of abused or neglected children are sent back into abusive homes. Four children – the youngest just seven months – lived a Lower Hutt home with their young parents. They were severely neglected, malnourished, riddled with scabies and lice in a house with barely any food and lots of alcohol. Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says it was a family CYF knew all about. “I think that they’ve worked with them intensively in the past.”

….Over the past five years 17,000 children were assessed more  than once by CYF and found to be abused or neglected each time – 154 abused or  neglected children were assessed more than five times and sent back into abusive  homes. “That means CYF knowing about kids who are being abused and  then it happening again,” Ms Ardern says.