Christchurch teens increasingly violent towards parents

Newstalk ZB 14 May 2013
Christchurch teenagers are said to be increasingly violent towards their parents – and the earthquakes are being blamed.

Staff at the Womens Refuge have noticed an increase in mainly male teenagers domestically abusing their family members – and it seems mothers are the first to cop it.

Additional staff have had to be recruited due to increased demands like this at the refuge.

Spokeswoman Julie McCloy says the increase has been over the past two years.

“Perhaps what we’ve seen is just that accumulation of stress and maybe see young people who have grown up in a difficult or abusive environment and you add that extra stress to it, they don’t know how to handle their emotions.”

Ms McCloy says it’s a worrying trend.

“Over probably about 25 percent of the police reports we get there’ll be incidents where a young person is involved as a perpetrator of violence so that’s significant.”

She says the youngest they’ve seen was 14-years-old.

They’re not expecting the boom to drop off anytime soon.