Is eight too young for makeup? 13 March 2013
The timetable of childhood is changing and New Zealand schoolgirls are feeling the need to be sophisticated and sexually precocious from a younger age, according to a parenting guru.     New research from the US shows girls as young as eight feel under pressure to slap on foundation, mascara and lipgloss, and experts say where America goes, New Zealand inevitably follows. The drive for young girls to follow swiftly in the footsteps of teens and adult women is being fuelled by marketing such as a Disney-inspired makeup range launched last year by British glamour model Katie Price. A recent US study by the Renfrew Centre of 600 girls aged between 8 and 18 found 58% had worn makeup. Of those makeup-wearers, 20 per cent said they experienced negative feelings when they went bare-faced, including feeling self-conscious or unattractive, and feeling they were “naked”, or that “something was missing”. Of the girls who wore makeup, 27 per cent never left home without it and more than half (58 per cent) said it was unacceptable to go to school without makeup. New Zealand sources said our situation would mirror this closely. Phil Harding, principal of Christchurch’s Paparoa Street primary school, said the objectification of young women and their need to live up to such an image was an “absolutely huge problem”.