Calls for pill to be over the counter

Sunday Star Times 10 Feb 2013
There are  growing calls for women to be able to buy the contraceptive pill over the counter. Thousands of women face the costly chore of visiting their GP for a pill generally considered safe by health professionals. Pharmacists already provide the morning-after pill without prescription, leading some women to ask why this could not be extended to the oral contraceptive pill. Even conservative lobby group Family First does not object to the idea, though it said a line should be drawn, barring teenagers from being granted easier access to birth control. Currently women must return to a GP every six months for a prescription for the birth control pill.

…. Taranaki DHB is due to make a decision this month on whether the morning-after pill should be available at pharmacies to girls as young as 12. Family First national director Bob McCoskrie slammed the idea as “morally bankrupt” and medically flawed. He also came out swinging against the idea of offering teenagers the oral contraceptive over the counter, but did not object to easier access for adults. “The issue is not contraception per se. The issue is making it free to teenagers without parental permission.”