Bookworld forced to withdraw incest titles

Melinda Tankard Reist blog
“We’ve just campaigned against Condom Kingdom selling products that eroticise sex with underage girls and therefore, paedophilia. But Condom Kingdom isn’t the only retailer providing masturbatory material for sexual predators. Bookworld – formerly known as Borders – has been selling multiple titles eroticising incest. Recently one of our supporters alerted us to a book they had come across on Bookworld’s website, entitled ‘Tina sits on Daddy’s face’.

Bookworld is the rebranded online version of what used to be Borders bookstores. After searching the website more thoroughly, we found hundreds of titles under the heading ‘incest’, including:

  • Double teamed by Daddy and Uncle
  • Daddy takes my virginity
  • First time with my twin brothers
  • F*cking my black Daddy
  • Daddy’s naughty girls get what they deserve
  • Breaking in the babysitter

The Classifications Branch responded yesterday, advising that Bookworld would remove the titles

We are relieved to hear that Bookworld has removed these titles. However we do have to wonder how it came to be sold in the first place. Bookworld ‘appreciated being advised’ – they didn’t know they were selling pseudo incest child pornography?