The corruption of a generation: Sexualisation of our daughters

Steve Biddulph – Mail Online (UK) 18 Jan 2013
These days, there’s a new grumble among women  who ply the so-called oldest profession in the world. Their clients, they say,  are finding it increasingly hard to identify them. Why? Because ordinary  17-year-old girls are dressing just like prostitutes.

The streetwalkers aren’t the only ones complaining, of course. Many middle-class parents watch with horror as their little darlings succumb to today’s hyper-sexualised culture, with its sinister diktats on how ordinary teenagers should look and behave.

Sexualisation — the forcing of a sexual  identity onto a child — was a term originally applied in cases of child sex  abuse. Today, it’s a problem that’s seen in every primary school, and few girls  escape it.

At one end of the spectrum, it means dressing  in the wildly inappropriate clothes of streetwalkers.

At the other, it means girls having sex with  numerous boys while still at school — not because they want to, but because they  feel that they should.