Polls: Gay marriage, right to die get the tick

Herald on Sunday 6 January 2013
New polls show New Zealanders support the terminally ill’s right to die, think same-sex marriages should be legal and are largely happy with the current number of people immigrating.

The polls, by Key Research and commissioned by the Herald on Sunday, also found New Zealanders evenly divided on the relevance of our founding document – the Treaty of Waitangi.


Do you think that same-sex civil unions should be extended to marriage? • Yes 53.9% • No 38.1% • Unsure 8%

Do you think doctors should be allowed by law to end an incurable patient’s life, if the patient requests it? • Yes 60.5% • No 18.2% • Depends on situation 16.2% • Unsure 5.1%

Poll: Key Research. Commissioned by: Herald on Sunday