Key rates poorly with family lobby group

NZ City 4 January 2013
Lobby group Family First has given Prime Minister John Key the lowest rating of National Party parliamentarians in a report card it has compiled on issues affecting families.

The Value Your Vote report rates politicians and parties on how they voted in 2012 on issues, including gambling, child support schemes, paid parental leave, prostitution, the drinking age and changing the definition of marriage.

Mr Key scored 37.5 per cent, while Labour leader David Shearer scored 75 per cent, and NZ First leader Winston Peters scored 87.5 per cent.

“Perhaps what is most surprising is how poorly the so-called conservative parties and politicians (National, ACT, United Future) have done in promoting moral and family issues such as supporting young families, protecting marriage and promoting sensible and safe alcohol laws,” says Bob McCoskrie, national director of Family First.

NZ First topped the party rating on 88 per cent, with Labour second on 77 per cent, followed by the Maori Party on 67 per cent, United Future 62 per cent, National 61 per cent, ACT 50 per cent, Greens 38 per cent and Mana 25 per cent.

Labour, NZ First top Family First rankings
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Conservative lobby group Family First has released its  politician report card for 2012, heaping praise on New Zealand First and Labour,  and scorn on Mana, the Greens and Prime Minister John Key.

National director Bob McCoskrie says the organisation  rated parties and politicians on issues like gambling, prostitution, same-sex  marriage, paid parental leave, the drinking age, Easter trading and toughening  bail laws.