More booze outlets mean more violence in South Auckland – study

NZ Herald 10 December 2012
A new study has shown that violent crime and motor vehicle accidents are more prevalent in parts of South Auckland that have higher numbers of alcohol outlets than other areas.And it has recommended that local authorities consider the effects additional alcohol outlets would have on particular communities before granting new licences.The study, Alcohol outlet density is related to police events and motor vehicle accidents in Manukau City, New Zealand, was funded by the Alcohol Advisory Council and supported by the old Manukau City Council.Undertaken by academics from the Universities of Waikato and Auckland, the study focused on the Manukau area, using population, crime, crash and liquor licence data to establish whether there was a link between alcohol availability and “negative social outcomes”.The authors simultaneously assessed the relationship between alcohol outlets per capita in the Manukau area and police “events” or motor vehicle accidents.The study covered 522sq km, with a population of 330,000 and 447 alcohol outlets – 129 off-licences, 130 clubs and bars and 188 restaurants and cafes.