Baby name tops list of pre-birth parental arguments

The Telegraph 7 December 2012
According to a survey released this week, the baby’s name is the most common topic of argument between first-time expectant parents. While only 28 per cent of parents-to-be argue over the mother’s return to work, a third argue over whether to learn the sex of their baby before its birth, and a mere 17 per cent have words over having a second baby, nearly three quarters of expectant parents row over the child’s name. Parenthetically, according to this survey, conducted by, 58 per cent argue over the pregnant woman’s diet, and 52 per cent argue over breastfeeding. I sort of wish I could be a fly on the wall in those debates, as I cannot for the life of me imagine how they would go. What man wants to agitate his pregnant partner by dictating to her about her body? That the name issue is a hot topic isn’t that surprising, I suppose; the name is with your child for life and, according to plenty of serious and not-so-serious surveys, can have quite an impact on the direction the child takes in life. Names signify a couple’s class, religious and social aspirations, and intellectual associations. …Studies on names also reveal regular discrimination. One recent study conducted by School Stickers, a company that supplies classroom rewards, concluded that while children named Elizabeth or Benjamin were likely to be well-behaved in school, their classmates christened Paige or Bradley were on a one-way road to naughtiness.