Regrets? If you’re a parent, you’ll have a few

Sydney Morning Herald 21 Sep 2012
Do you find yourself looking at your children and feeling a tinge of sadness that you didn’t make more of the time you had together while they were still young?

You’re not alone. The majority of parents have a long list of regrets with the average parent regretting five things about their child’s early years, according to a new survey.

The biggest regrets parents admit to are working too much, constantly worrying about the little things, not playing with their child more often, not going on more holidays, not capturing enough moments on camera and spending too much time away from them, according to a UK survey of 2,000 parents by Huggies Little Swimmers. 

The survey also revealed more than three quarters of parents have at least one regret during their child’s first few years while two thirds of parents admit they would do things differently if they could relive the period again. Seven out of ten parents admitted they took their youngster’s childhood for granted, with more than two thirds saying it is easy to forget they won’t be young forever.