Help needed in city prostitution hotspot

NZ Herald 23 Sep 2012
An intermediate school pupil selling himself for sex and a boarding house allegedly playing host to hookers have the residents of a notorious prostitution hotspot in Auckland city pleading for help.

In Hunters Corner, Papatoetoe, security officer Mou Fameitau on Monday night saw a fa’afafine – males who behave as females – no older than 13 prostituting himself, dressed in the uniform of a local intermediate school.

“He works there,” Fameitau said. “We caught him during the day. He recognised me and ran off into an alleyway.”

Fameitau, hired by the Hunters Corner Town Centre Society, counted 27 street workers on Monday. Half were women, the others fa’afafine.

Some locals said the situation was escalating. As many as 40 prostitutes were now working in the area on busy nights.

Auckland councillor George Wood said prostitutes had now moved into a boarding house on Kolmar Rd.

John McCracken, chair of Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board, said Kolmar House was formerly a halfway house for intellectually challenged patients.

“It’s now essentially a free-for-all boarding house.”