Third of Kiwis admit their drinking has harmed them

NZ Herald 24 Aug 2012
One in three New Zealanders have been harmed by their own alcohol drinking, a survey shows.

The research found that people most at risk of alcohol-related harm were young Maori men or people living in low socio-economic areas.

The survey, published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, found 33.8 per cent of current drinkers reported they had been adversely affected in the past year.

This included alcohol causing problems with work, studies, relationships, physical health or finances.

The most reported harm was to the respondents’ health.

Around 12.7 per cent of respondents reported one or more specific alcohol-related “troubles”, including problems with the law, illness, loss of a partner or friend or fighting.

Being involved in a fight while drinking was the most common alcohol-related problem. Of those respondents, 63.4 per cent were males, and a third were aged under 25.