Family our first love 12 August 2012
Family first for everyday New Zealanders.
Spending time with loved ones was the most popular response in a nationwide survey which quizzed everyday Kiwis about their favourite pastimes. Twenty per cent of respondents to the “What Kiwis Love” survey – which was commissioned by Vodafone and conducted by Nielsen – listed family time as their No 1 priority. Watching and participating in sport was the second-most popular activity, backed by 10 per cent of respondents, while travel, both locally and internationally, was the third-most popular pastime. Prominent psychologist Sara Chatwin said she was encouraged that family time had come out on top in the extensive survey. “Over recent days, weeks, months and years we have seen a lot of interesting and sometimes really alarming things about families and family dynamics, parenting or lack of it,” Chatwin said. “So it is nice to know that, perhaps, people are putting more time into their families, into their parenting, into relationships with their children and their partners.”