‘Brothel’ upsets residents

Christchurch Press 20 Aug 2012
An alleged Linwood brothel is being investigated, with residents complaining that they no longer feel safe in the area.

The Christchurch City Council is looking into claims about the Cashel St property, which residents say has been operating as a brothel for more than a year.

A resident, who did not want to be named, said she and her neighbours had be come increasingly concerned about the brothel in recent months. “There are girls looking out the window at their prospective clients and hanging out the window – it’s just horrendous.”

She said clients parked in the middle of a shared driveway, making it difficult for residents to come and go.

The brothel had created safety concerns for people in the area, the resident said.

“When they get the wrong number, there are other people banging on our doors, and when my daughter gets home from school, there are men waiting in their cars for their appointment.

“We don’t like to go out at night. The only day we feel safe going out is on a Sunday because they’re not working then.”

She had called the council several times to discuss her concerns, but nothing had happened.