Waikato Hospital reports increase in child abuse cases

NZ Herald 12 July 2012 A growing number of mistreated and abused children are being admitted to Waikato Hospital, and hospital staff are treating a worrying number of head injuries. Waikato Hospital treated 60 children for assaults in the past three years. Those most susceptible to assaults were babies less than one year old or older children aged 10 to 14. The number of children tagged with assault codes grew in the year to June – 25 children were mistreated, compared to 19 in the same period in 2011 and 16 in 2010. More than half of children’s injuries treated by the Waikato DHB since 2009/10 were head injuries; 12 children were treated for them in the year to June.  The injury figures were obtained by the Herald under the Official Information Act