Raise alcohol buying age: poll

NZ Herald 2 July 2012
Raising the age at which people are allowed to buy alcohol has been given overwhelming support in a HeraldDigiPoll survey. More than half of those polled supported a purchasing age of 20 for all types of licensed premises and a further 25 per cent supported raising the age for liquor stores and supermarkets but keeping it at 18 for bars and restaurants. Although the survey showed that support for a higher purchase age had fallen slightly since last year, the higher age remained by far the preferred choice with a total of nearly 80 per cent….Asked which purchase age they preferred in Parliament’s review of liquor laws, 54.4 per cent of respondents said 20 years old, and 25 per cent said 20 for off-licensed stores. Just 19.4 per cent wanted the age kept at 18 for both on-licences (bars and restaurants) and off-licences (supermarkets and bottle stores).

…Mrs Collins revealed last month she had asked the Justice Ministry to research international examples of minimum pricing, which is a relatively untested initiative. Asked by pollsters whether they supported the move, which could double the price of some drinks but reduce heavy drinking, 56.5 per cent of people opposed it and 40.6 per cent supported it.