Kids dumped from 7am to 6pm for school

Herald Sun (Aust) 23 July 2012
THE school day for some Aussie kids goes from 7am to 6pm, a new study shows. Research from the Australian Institute of Family Studies shows one in 10 children regularly attend after-school care and one in 20 before-school care. The research has sparked debate about whether kids are spending too many hours at school. Mothers who work long hours, single mums and those in country areas are more likely to use this childcare, according to an analysis of 10,000 Australian kids. The study, to be presented at the Australian Institute of Family Studies biennial conference this week, shows 17 per cent of children with mothers working full time regularly attend after-school care, and 6 per cent before-school care. For some children, school holidays don’t mean a break – just more time at school.