Erotica Expo ‘blacklisted’, Crow claims

Auckland Now 2 July 2012
Porn tycoon Steve Crow says the Erotica Expo has been blacklisted at Auckland Council-run venues. Six Auckland Council venues from around the city have rejected requests to host the controversial adult-entertainment event, including the North Shore Event Centre, Viaduct Event Centre, The Cloud and Vector Arena. Crow said he is considering taking legal action against the Auckland Council for treating his event unfairly. In an email from Viaduct Events Centre, a representative told Crow his event was not suitable for the venue. A similar email from North Shore Events Centre advises the venue does not host events like the Erotica Expo. Crow said he gets the feeling the council is against the adult-sex industry.

Erotica Expo was forced to find an alternative venue after a long-running contract with Auckland’s ASB Showground came to an end last year. At the time, ASB Showground’s chief executive Mark Frankham said they had decided not to renew the contract because the show had dropped off in popularity. However, Crow claimed crowd numbers had remained strong, with more than 20,000 people attending annually. Crow already canned his Rugby World Cup Boobs on Bikes Parade after a public backlash. However, Crow said the Erotica Expo will still go on and he is looking at private venue hire options