Targeting Liquor Minimum Prices, Health Warnings and Advertising

Minimum prices on alcohol review’s wish list
NZ Herald 4 June 2012
The Government has revealed it is investigating a minimum price for alcohol and that research is being done on health warnings on bottles and cans. Justice Minister Judith Collins said she had asked the Justice Ministry to research places where a minimum charge had been imposed, and whether the measure had been effective. The Government was already considering changes to alcohol laws,and legislation which proposed a higher drinking age would return to Parliament for its final stages this month.

Move to clamp down on liquor advertising
Dominion Post 4 June 2012
There is a growing political chorus in favour of minimum pricing and alcohol advertising restrictions as liquor law reforms near their final stages. Justice Minister Judith Collins said yesterday that she thought Tui beer advertisements were “very funny” and not a problem but a range of proposed amendments to her legislation will be put forward, including some to clamp down on the promotion of liquor. Ms Collins has put together her own supplementary order paper (SOP) to add to the Alcohol Reform Bill when it returns for its final stages in Parliament next month. Other MPs have started floating SOPs of their own, including alternatives to the split-purchase age proposal under which 18-year-olds would be allowed to buy alcohol in bars but not in off-licence venues such as supermarkets and bottle-stores until they are 20. Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell has written an SOP that would ban all alcohol advertising, except inside on-licence premises. It also proposes empowering the health minister to set a minimum price per unit of alcohol and to further tighten proposed liquor trading hours of 8am to 4am for on-licences to 10am to 3am.