‘Taking babies at birth’ being considered

3 News 6 June 2012
The Government is considering the introduction of court orders allowing babies to be removed from parents at birth if they’ve previously abused or killed a child.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says that’s one of the options cabinet is considering as it looks for ways to tackle child abuse, Radio New Zealand reports.

Ms Bennett says that last year 148 children were removed from a parent within days of being born because of concerns about their safety.

Extended court powers would mean judges could tell parents that if they had any more children, they would be removed at birth.

Thresholds for courts orders could be convictions for murder, or serious abuse or neglect of a child.

Dog abusers banned from owning animals
A man has been banned from owning an animal for 10 years for keeping an elderly dog in such poor condition it died within minutes of SPCA intervention.   http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/6551161/Dog-abusers-banned-from-owning-animals