Doctors call for ban on TV adverts for alcohol

The Telegraph (UK) 10 June 2012
An alliance of more than 30 leading medical bodies and charities says Britain’s “alcohol problem” has become so entrenched that drastic action – which would also include an end to sponsorship of sporting events – is required to protect children and teenagers. Their submission to the House of Commons health select committee says the step is needed to tackle a growing burden on society, which costs almost 15,000 lives a year. Evidence submitted to MPs shows that alcohol has become the leading cause of deaths among young men, responsible for 27 per cent of fatalities among those aged 16 to 24. Sir Ian Gilmore, chairman of the Alcohol Health Alliance (AHA), said extreme measures were required to “reset society’s norms” and protect children from marketing messages which glamorise drinking and fuel excess consumption. He said: “We know that young people are heavily affected by advertising and marketing…

The joint plea from 31 organisations, including the British Medical Association, the Institute of Alcohol Studies and eight royal colleges has been submitted to the health select committee’s inquiry into the Government’s alcohol strategy, which was published earlier this year.