BSA dismisses ‘vaginas on TV’ complaint

3 News 15 June 2012
The Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) has dismissed a complaint against close-up shots of vaginas undergoing surgery being shown on television at 8.30pm. A December episode of Embarrassing Bodies, which showed nude shots of women and surgical operations, prompted a complaint from one TV2 viewer, who said it was “too much” for that time of the evening. Will Fourie, of Manukau, argued it should not have been aired then as it breached standards relating to good taste, decency and children’s interests.  However, the BSA, in a decision released on Friday, ruled the scenes were “matter-of-fact and clinical”. “The footage was not gratuitous in the context of a factual medical series but rather played an important role in educating viewers about particular health concerns, as well as the prescribed treatments,” a statement from BSA said. The show was classified as Adults Only and a message at the start of the episode gave parents enough warning to exercise discretion. The BSA acknowledged that some viewers would have found parts of the show unpleasant to watch.