Young spurn wealth for family values (UK)

The Telegraph 28 May 2012
The accepted wisdom has long been that young people are obsessed with money and careers. But a new survey suggests the opposite — that they share the same traditional views as their parents and are seeking the same life goals. A poll of 4,000 people concludes that, regardless of age, a long-lasting marriage and raising a family are more worthy than material possessions or an upwardly mobile career. They are seen as the greatest goals to which younger generations can aspire, and the greatest achievement of those who have survived the ups and downs of long-term relationships. Regardless of age, they are seen as ultimately a more valuable use of an individual’s allotted time than to pursue the superficial trappings of wealth. The care home charity group Friends of the Elderly asked 4,000 people what they thought constituted a life well lived.