Obnoxious transvestites descend on corner

Stuff.co.nz 14 May 2012
A bunch of “obnoxious” transvestites from Hamilton have descended on a South Auckland red-light area and are being blamed for a recent spate of problems. Pat Taylor, chairman of the Hunters Corner Town Centre Society, said the transvestites were causing problems in Papatoetoe’s Sutton Crescent, an area prostitutes had previously agreed not to work. “Sutton Crescent is the main hub, but because they can operate anywhere at any time they do just that. It comes and goes,” he said. “But in the last two or three weeks we’ve had an obnoxious bunch who’ve moved up from Hamilton. They’re a group of transvestites and they’re openly flaunting themselves wearing hardly any clothing on the streets before 10am when there are children walking to school.” Last year Papatoetoe residents claimed street prostitution at Hunters Corner had made them prisoners in their own homes. They complained of being followed up their driveways and of their young children having to hear the sounds of prostitutes having sex with clients.