Labour leader comes out in support of gay marriage

NZ Herald 10 May 2012
Labour leader David Shearer has revealed his support for gay marriage, following a historic declaration in favour of the move from US President Barack Obama. In a Twitter post this morning, Mr Shearer gave support in principle for gay marriage being legalised in New Zealand. However, he stopped short of offering “formal support” for the move. “I fully support marriage equality in principle but would like to see the detail of any legislation before giving formal support,” his post said. In a later clarification, Mr Shearer said he personally supported marriage equality. But he was still blasted by some Twitter users for qualifying his support. However, it marks a step forward from the policies of the Helen Clark-led Labour administration, which refused to consider legislation allowing gay marriage.

‘No clamour’ for gay marriage in NZ: Key

Key ‘not against’ gay marriage
NZ Herald 11 May 2012
Prime Minister John Key has followed US President Barack Obama and said he is not opposed to gay marriage – an apparent change in his stance. He has previously refused to give a personal view on same-sex marriage. But yesterday, in a response to the AP news service after President Obama said gays should be allowed to wed, Mr Key said he was “not personally opposed to gay marriage” and it was possible Parliament would consider a member’s bill at some stage. But he added that gay marriage was not on the Government’s agenda.