Judge warns against “Hello magazine” marriage

Telegraph (UK) 30 Apr 2012
A High Court judge has launched a campaign to save marriage, declaring that it would be “irresponsible” of the judiciary not to speak out against the “appalling” rise in divorce. Sir Paul Coleridge, who sits as Mr Justice Coleridge in the Family Division, said that to ignore the issue would be akin to a doctor failing to try and prevent illness. He said the escalating divorce rate was having a dramatic impact on society and that the “Hello magazine approach” to marriage promoted the view that long-term relationships did not need hard work. Sir Paul, 62, has launched the Marriage Foundation, at an estimated cost of £150,000, to lobby for family-friendly policies, hold seminars and commission research into strengthening marriage. “There comes a time when sometimes you have to speak out in circumstances where you feel you know more than anybody involved in the debate,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “I happen to think that the family judiciary have a contribution to make to this debate. Most of us have watched as the situation has gradually got more and more and more appalling and out of control and there comes a time when it is, I think, irresponsible to remain quiet.