Surrogates: Delivering the ultimate gift

NZ Herald 28 April 2012
….Ms Gracen is one of an increasing number of New Zealand women offering to be a surrogate mother for couples who cannot have children on their own. In 2010-11, there were 25 applications for clinic-assisted surrogacies, compared with 15 in 2005-06. Only about one-third of those applications go ahead owing to many factors including a failed implant or an embryo not surviving the thawing process. Surrogacy applications approved since 2005 have so far resulted in 26 live births. Fifteen surrogacy applications from last year are ongoing. Assisted reproduction expert, Associate Professor Wayne Gillett, said surrogacy had been occurring in New Zealand as far back as the 1980s. However in 2004, the Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Act became law. This put controls in place “to the point that no surrogacy can occur in New Zealand without approval by an ethics body … that looks at all cases on a case-by-case basis”, Dr Gillett said. Counselling is also considered an important of the process. “Most cases are straightforward I think. But the overall success of (surrogacy) is not great. “It’s a lot of hard work for all people involved for a few positive outcomes.” By law, surrogates cannot be paid in New Zealand, but in some countries women do receive payment.