Crime stats to drop family violence

NZ Herald 17 April 2012
A police decision to drop family violence as a category in crime statistics will obscure a nationwide rise in domestic abuse, Women’s Refuge says.

But Government and police say the decision is aimed at putting New Zealand in line with international best practice on family violence reporting.

Police removed family violence as a category in the latest round of national crime statistics.

Deputy commissioner Mike Bush last night said the move was shifting focus to realign police with Australia.

Family violence was still recorded under a broader range of categories that reflected the complexity of its impact, he said.

Women’s Refuge spokeswoman Kiri Hannifin said her organisation had been blindsided by the move.

She said it looked like an attempt to divert attention away from rising police callouts to family violence incidents.

“A cynic would say it’s in the Government’s interest to have crime statistics going down.