Kiwi kids ‘marinating in alcohol’ 22 March 2012
At-risk young New Zealanders are growing up in lives “marinating in alcohol”, a leading paediatrician says. Speaking at the Babies, Children and Alcohol conference at Te Papa this morning, Dr Nick Baker said children who were exposed to alcohol in the womb and while growing up had the odds stacked against them. Baker is the chairman of the Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee, which evaluates every death of individuals aged between 28 days and 25 years old. While there was reasonably solid data about alcohol and people aged over 15, there was far less known about what effect alcohol had on children. But it was clear that alcohol had a detrimental effect, from health problems caused by drinking during pregnancy to fear, violence and abuse experienced in a household, he said. “You can say it’s a life spoiled by marinating in alcohol – it’s like marinating steak in kerosene, it changes it forever.”….”It’s bizarre that if a child is run over 6 feet in front of the driveway the police will always check the driver for alcohol but if they’re run over 6 feet behind the driveway they are almost never tested.”