Housewives are as happy as working women

Mail Online (UK) 29 Feb 2012
For decades, women have been told that being housewives will leave them downtrodden and unfulfilled. But a Government study yesterday showed mothers who stay at home are as content and satisfied with their lives as those who choose to go out to work. In contrast, the report found that house husbands are generally much less happy. The results of David Cameron’s campaign to measure well-being also reveal that the happiest people are traditional married families.

Couples who wed are more content than others, and those with children feel a greater sense of purpose. The findings come as a powerful endorsement to campaigners who believe the Government should do more to encourage marriage and more to help couples who have children.

The happiness index was based on findings from a survey in which 80,000 were asked four questions: how satisfied they were with their lives; to what extent their lives were worthwhile; how happy they were yesterday; and how anxious they felt yesterday.

Women who stayed at home to look after the family recorded high scores almost identical to those of working women. The findings appeared to undermine the assumption of ministers since the 1990s that it is good for mothers to go out to work.