Brothels bylaw outlines restrictions

Press 22 March 2012
Big Christchurch brothels could be barred from residential areas in a bid to address fears about prostitutes moving into the suburbs.

However, small owner-operated brothels may be allowed to open where they want, while existing brothels could be exempt from the proposed Christchurch City Council bylaw.

Councillors voted in September to develop a bylaw regulating brothel locations and signage after concerns about brothels spreading across the city after the February 2011 earthquake.

A report by council staff, to be discussed by councillors today, said the impact of the quake on central-city brothels had increased the importance of restrictions.

“The significant damage of existing businesses from the central city, and the likelihood that at least some of these businesses will seek to relocate, suggests that there may now be value in directing these establishments … to certain areas of the city rather than allowing them to disperse,” it said.

…..Brothels would be banned from all residential areas and the remaining business zones. The report recommended an exception for small owner-operated brothels, “which already operate across the city without any obvious problems”.